S.No Form Name Title of Form Download (PDF Format) Download (Word Format)
1. Form 1 Application for Registration of a Co-operative Society
2. Form 2 Register of application for registration of a Co-operative Society
3. Form 3 Certificate of Registration
4. Form 4 Register of Co-operative Societies registered or deemed to be registered under the Act
5. Form 5 Statement showing the particulars of the Co-operative Societies
6. Form 6 Notice under Sub section (6) or (7) of section 12
7. Form 7 Notice to members, creditors and other persons
8. Form 8 List of members of a Co-operative Society Ltd.
8. Form 8-A List of members in case of Federal Co-operative society
9. Form 9 Form of declaration to be made by members while borrowing loans
10. Form 10 Register of declaration under section 45 of the DCS Act, 2003
11. Form 11 Rectification report on the audit/enquiry Report
12. Form12 Application Form for Arbitration Under section 84 of DCS Rules, 2007
13. Form13 Arbitration Cases Register
14. Form14 Certificate of Allotment by the committee of the cooperative housing society
15. Form15 Certificate of Allotment by the committee of the cooperative housing society
16. Form16 Certificate of Occupancy
17. Form17 Form of Nomination
18. Form18 Application of notice of intimation of a member/occupancy right holder to transfer his share and interest in the cooperative housing society
19. Form19 Letter of consent of the society for the transfer of share and interest of the member/persons who has acquired occupancy right
20. Form20 Application of Membership
21. Form21 Affidavit Performa for Membership
22. Form22 Application of transfer of share and interest as provided in section 80 by a nominee, heir, or legal representative of deceased member
23. Form23 Letter to the Sub-Registrar - Registration appointed under Registration Act, 1908 about registration of mortgage
24. Form24 Register of Property of a Co-operative Society
25. Form25 Application under section 105 of the Delhi Co -operative Societies Act, 2003- Enforcement of Charge
26. Form26 Notice Under Section 104 of DCS Act, 2003
27. Form27 Application for the issue of Certificate -under proviso to clause (a) of section 125 of DCS Act, 2003
28. Form28 Recovery Certificate
29. Form29 Detail of Arbitration Award
30. Form30 Notice to show-cause why a payment or adjustment should not be recorded)
31. Form31 Application of execution under clause (b) of section 105 of the Delhi Cooperative Societies Act, 2003
32. Form32 Demand Notice
33. Form33 Warrant of attachment of movable property in execution of the decree.
34. Form34 Form of Bond with sureties for the production of the property at the place of sale in execution of decree
35. Form35 Proclamation for sale.
36. Form36 Order to attach Salary of Public Officer or Servant of Railway or Local Authority.
37. Schedule II Form-A Schedule II Form-A
39. Schedule II Form-C Ballot paper for Election of a Cooperative Society whose elections are to be conducted under Schedule- II appended to Rule-53 of Delhi Co-operative Societies Rules, 2007.
40. Schedule II Form-D Election agent/ counting agent Appointment- PROFORMA
41. Schedule IV Form-A Summons for Disposal of claim under section 70 of the Act
42. Schedule IV Form-B Summon to legal representative of a deceased defendant
43. Schedule IV Form-C Summon to witness
44. Schedule IV Form-D Proclamation Requiring Attendance
45. Schedule IV Form-E Warrant of attachment of witness (Order 16 rule 10 Code of Civil Procedure, 1908)
46. Schedule IV Form-F Warrant of Committal (Under Order 16 rule 10 of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908)
47. Schedule IV Form-G Warrant of Committal (Under Order 16 of Code of Civil Procedure ,1908)
48. Schedule IV Form-H Release order under section 69 (3) of the Punjab Land Revenue Act, 1887 as applicable to National Capital Territory of Delhi
49. Schedule VII Form-A Individual Details of Members who Resigned - PROFORMA
50. Schedule VII Form-B Individual Details of the Expelled Members
51. Schedule VII Form-C Affidavit
52. Schedule VII Form-D Form of Affidavit to be signed by the Secretary/President of a Cooperative Group Housing Society for verification of list of members for allotment of Flats)
53. Schedule VII Form-E List of members for verification of cooperative group housing society ltd., for allotment of flats
55. Schedule VII Form-G Affidavit
56. Schedule VII Form-H Affidavit-To be furnished by secretary / president of a cooperative group housing society who have submitted a proposal for clearance of members hip for draw of lots.
57. Proforma for Annual Return Proforma for Annual Return